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Database Management

change::Microsoft SQL Server Solutions Overview
Quantech Solutions is a leading MS SQL Server solution and consulting service provider in Australia and New Zealand. We have a highly skilled and experienced pool of consultants providing a complete continuum of services around SQL Server database solutions
Quantech Solutions SQL Services offers a range of cost-effective services, these include: managed support services, planning services, implementation services, review & audit services and general consulting services.
These services are designed to meet our customer’s needs throughout the lifecycle of their SQL Server based environments.
Quantech Solutions SQL Server Lifecycle Management
While Quantech Solutions SQL Services is specialized in our focus on SQL Server, we have developed a broad offering that provides all of the SQL Server related services our customers require throughout the lifecycle of their database applications. Our service offering has been structured in the following categories:

  • Prepare: These planning and design services to allow our customers successfully prepare for the deployment of SQL Server based database solutions.
  • Implement: The services relating to the deployment of the SQL Server database platform and supporting technologies such as replication and log shipping.
  • Manage: The service related to the ongoing day to day management of SQL Server post production deployment.
  • Review: The services related to the auditing of production deployed database applications to identify issues associated with availability, performance, recoverability, scalability and security. 
  • Leverage: The services relating to deriving new business value from the information retained within an organizations existing corporate databases. This includes data mart, data warehousing and reporting related services.