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Data Management

Quantech Data Management "What steps have you taken to maximize your database performance, availability and recoverability?"
Today, organizations are tuned into technology and its impact on business operations like never before. They rely on their technology partners to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specific logistical, technical and financial challenges and to offer solutions to maximize performance and profitability and to ensure availability and recoverability of data. That’s why many enterprises count on Quantech Solutions.  Data is the life-blood of the business, without it, the business could not function. The inaccurate data in organisations causes inaccurate decisions, therefore data-integrity is essential. The swift and meaningful availability of data helps organisations manage their content and make agile decisions.
Quantech specializes in database technologies such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySql and others. Quantech can create a database solution from the ground up.

Quantech Solutions has expertise in:

  • Quantech SQL Data Interrogation - Robust Sql and Stored Procedures -to query the data
  • Quantech Business Intelligence Business Intelligence - to help businesses aquire a better understanding of its commercial context, and provide the means for better business decision-making.  Markets (especially in heavily competitive markets), are becoming larger, more complex, and more competitive.  Making rational decisions in business based on well thought out logic is considerably more effective than using instinct to make business decisions. In times of market change, it is too easy to retaliate with instinct instead of logic.  The difference between coordinated logic and retaliation instinct is context-sensitivity.  It is often erroneously argued, that taking the time to formulate a logical solution is less time-efficient than an instinctual reaction - even if the time-difference is infintesimal, the 'instinctuals' have the upper hand.  This approach will turn out to be wrong when one day the instinct (being context-insensitive) results in a bad move.  Bad moves in business result in lost time and revenue.  Therefore it is better to take the most logical approach to critical business decision making.  Business intelligence can help make sense of massive amounts of evidence-based (empirically) collected data through tools that can support rational business decision making.
  • Quantech Database Administration Database Administation - to help maintain existing databases, disaster recovery, security administration and performace tuning.  Performance tuning involves data analysis - in which the DBA can analyze the database and the data stored in it.  The DBA can then make recommendations relating to performance and efficiency of that data storage. Recommendations may include things like the improvement of indexes, enabling "Parallel Query" execution, or other Database specific features.
  • Quantech Database Design Database Design - including data modelling - for the the analysis, design, and creation of new databases

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Systems Architecture

Architecture Solutions "What plans are in place to manage IT Systems investments to suit business stratergies?"
Design of solutions with scalability and security in mind is becoming a must in todays market. We play close attentionn to the fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relationships to each other and the environment, and the principles governing its design and evolution.
It is important to choose the right architecture to suit business stratergy concerning products and life-cycles. This can be achieved by mapping of functionality onto hardware and software components, a mapping of the software architecture onto the hardware architecture, and human interaction with these components. Quantech has experience in a variety of Software and Information Technology Systems based on both Unix/Linux and Windows platforms.
Also aesthetic layout of content is also of use, as communicating effectively to consumers will translate into more business.


Software Development/Programming

Web SolutionsQuantech Solutions - Programming "Software Development / Programming"

Programming is the logic behind how applicaitons work.
Quantech specializes in PHP, JAVA and .NET solutions.



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